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5 interesting things to know before the Big Guava Music Festival


The Big Guava Music Festival will bring music, food trucks, craft beer and carnival rides to the MidFlorida Ampitheatre and Florida State Fairgrounds May 2-4.

Outkast, Vampire Weekend and Foster the People are headlining, and a total of 41 bands are booked to play the three-day event.

Stoked for the chance to see your favorite band and snap a photo of them at Big Guava? Where did the name “Big Guava” come from, anyway?

Here are five interesting things to know before the festival kicks off.

♦ If you're a photography buff looking to get the perfect shot of musicians on stage with your zoom lens, you're out of luck.

Although small cameras are allowed inside the festival, only pre-approved media are permitted to bring in professional camera equipment, including cameras with detachable lenses. So, you'll have to leave your SLRs at home.

♦ The guy who named the festival was rewarded with dinner.

Neil Jacobsen, president of Live Nation Florida, which partnered with the Florida State Fair Authority to create the music festival, said the festival's name was the brainchild of an employee.

“I had a contest in the office, whoever picks the best name gets dinner, and one of my guys came up with the name,” Jacobsen said in a story. “And there's a little historical element to guava in Tampa so that makes a lot of sense.”

♦ When you're walking around the festival, you'll have to watch out for giants.

Giants in the City, a monumental, inflatable art project, will be setting up one-of-a-kind pieces on the grounds.

♦ The festival gave “Entertainment Weekly” fodder for poking fun at Florida.

In their pros and cons list of this year's summer music festivals, “Entertainment Weekly” said the pro for Big Guava is you can bring in your own sealed bottle of water. The con: “Don't fight the drunk dude in the Porta-Potty line; Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' laws are still in effect.” We're used to being the butt of the joke, so it rolled off our backs, EW.

♦ The festival is the only Florida stop for recently re-united Outkast.

The hip-hop duo comprised of Antwan “Big Boi” Patton and André “3000” Benjamin parted ways in 2007 to pursue solo projects. Outkast announced their return to the stage in January, and they're performing at more than 40 festivals around the world throughout the spring and summer. Tampa is their third stop on the tour, and it's their only show in The Sunshine State. Hey Ya!

For a complete festival lineup, ticket information, and a list of FAQs, visit the Big Guava Music Festival online.

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