The Prospects of a Computer Engineering Profession in Florida

nIf you’re contemplating on moving to Florida with a computer engineering degree and expertise, it would be best to first know the career prospects you face. First off, as basis for comparison, Computer Careers provides info that the average entry-level CE salary on a nationwide pay scale is $64,420 annually. Since Florida is number 27 in the line up of 50 American states ranked in terms of computer engineering pays, let’s find out how much companies in this state offer on the average.

Overview of How Much Florida Companies Pay Computer Engineering Professionals

  1. As of May 11, 2022 Florida job market reports provided by ZipRecruiter, show that computer engineers in the Sunshine State earn an annual salary of $84,377 on the average. Broken down, this equates to an hourly salary of $40.57, a weekly pay of $1,623 that is equivalent to around $6,500 per month.

While major tech company Google pays its computer software engineers as much as $285,000 annually, Florida salary reports show that the highest computer engineering profession in the state pays as much as $336,237. Still, the majority of CE salaries is between the range of $50,266 and $84,058, while the top earners receive up to $130,946 per year.

The drawback to this piece of information though is that only a few companies in Florida, are currently with job offers for computer engineers. Nonetheless, this suggests that Florida companies and their computer engineers are enjoying long-term employment relationships. This further suggests that in Florida, there are greater opportunities for career advancements and higher pays for CE professionals.

Florida Cities in Which to Look for High-Paying Computer Engineering Jobs

Nine cities in Florida have been identified as the locations where computer engineering jobs earn above average pay rates.

Sunrise City tops the list for having several companies actively looking for computer engineers. According to the city’s job market data, this type of profession pays as much as $95,400 in annual salaries.

The next in the list is the City of Hialeah, where companies that hire computer engineers also pay the above average rate of $91,200. Close behind are Fort Lauderdale and Deltona for having companies that pay annual CE salary rates of $89,800 and $89,500, respectively.

Apparently, while there are limited opportunities in finding work as a computer engineer in Florida, job market reports indicate that companies looking for CEs offer above average salaries to successful candidates.