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The Influence of COVID-19 on Modern Kitchen Design

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Interior design and homeowners who are updating their kitchens are wanting spaces that are easy to wash and keep sanitary as the COVID-19 pandemic affected many industries.

Here are some trending design ideas you would possibly want to contemplate when redesigning your kitchen.

1. Large-Capacity Refrigerators

During the stay-at-home order, people altered their shopping habits to avoid multiple trips to the food market. rather than going once every few days, many folks favor buying enough food to last longer and specialize in home-cooked meals. after the pandemic, those habits will last long for many. Large-capacity refrigerators and freezers are featured in modern kitchen designs to store all that food.

Since more people are cooking reception, there’s also a greater need for better space for storing within the kitchen. Yes, that has increased space for storing non-perishables and typical pantry items. It also includes convenient storage for extra appliances that are popular like air fryers and pressure cookers.

Before you meet with a kitchen designer, make an inventory of things that frustrate you after you visit the store. Share that information with kitchen designers in order that they can match up your needs with the innovative, custom built-in storage features that are available.

2. Germ-Resistant Materials

It’s even easier to stay up with the following tips once you start with the correct kitchen design.

Certain materials make it easier to stay your kitchen clean. for example, quartz countertops and copper sinks have antimicrobial properties. Quartz is eco-friendly, more durable than granite, and comes in an exceeding sort of stunning colors to suit any style of kitchen.

Materials like stainless steel and porcelain are nonporous, meaning you’ll minimize the buildup of germs and bacteria. When designing your dream kitchen, consider adding these modern kitchen design ideas and materials.


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3. Flat Panel Cabinets

When browsing kitchen designs, you’re likely to determine more flat-panel custom kitchen cabinets. Why? Not only do these kitchen cabinets look clean and modern, but they’re also easier to scrub.

As dirt and germs can accumulate, these door fronts don’t have tiny crevices and spaces. It’s easier to stay the kitchen safe and sanitary and cleaning the kitchen takes less time.

Kitchen designers are available to assist you to cut down the ingroup door front that might work best along with your design and lifestyle needs.

4. Touchless Sinks and Garbage Cans

An easy thanks to preventing the spread of germs is to use touchless features. When keeping the sink and surrounding area cleaner, you do not need to touch a handle or knob with a touchless sink. This also helps prevent the spread of germs between others within the household.

Garbage cans that automatically open and motion-activated lighting also helps reduce the quantity of high-touch surfaces within the home. As a result, it’s far easier to stay the house clean and sanitary and it’ll take less work to wipe everything down.

Modern Kitchen Design to stay Your Family Safe

Luxe finishes and high-end styles are tied with convenience in modern kitchen designs. As a bonus, it’s much simpler to stay the kitchen clean and free from germs and bacteria.