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Lunar Nodal Cycles and Their Significance to Miami’s Atmospheric Scientists

According to atmospheric scientists at the University of Miami, lunar cycles can be a cause for concern because they tend to influence flooding in coastal areas. Astrologers on the other hand are more focused on calculating the positions of the two lunar nodes, which are invisible points in the sky called the North Node and the South Node.

The astrologer’s interest in the two nodes is that they are considered ecliptic, as the two points are where the moon’s path around the Earth intersects with the Earth’s own path around the solar system. This is a subject matter that is way beyond out league, but it has something to do with the occurrences of solar or lunar eclipses and the events that happened in the past.

What we understand is that astrologers can analyze the points as the North Node has something to do with a person’s destiny while the South Node has something to do with a person’s past.

Actually, astrologers offer their services to help people find their true North or North Star, or the ecliptic event that transpired at the time of their birth date. In following the path shown in a person’s natal chart, a professional astrologer can give clients guidance about their destiny and the path they have to follow in order live a more fulfilled and meaning life.

A more elaborate explanation by way of example is Truly Divine’s article about North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius.

Atmospheric Scientists Concerned about The Occurrence of a Lunar Eclipse

Atmospheric scientists explain that the moon’s gravitational pull is the main reason why tides happen on Earth. The Earth rotates in its axis everyday under the moon, while the moon carries on with its orbital movement around the Earth. During the month, gravitational forces cause the ocean water to slosh around, create bulges that transform into tides.

In Florida’s coastal cities like Miami, it implies that people living in coastal areas face heightened risks of tidal flooding. During a Super Full Moon or Super Moon, exceptionally high tides take place because of the moon’s proximity to the Earth.

Atmospheric scientists say people should also have awareness of the Lunar Nodal Cycles as the risks that loom once the forces join during Lunar Eclipses might have serious effects.