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How To Advertise Plumbing Business In Newspapers

From the regional daily newspaper to the community newspaper, the range of print publications is large. If you want to be successful with advertising in print media, you no longer have to spend huge sums of money on it. It is much more important that you think carefully about what and who you want to reach with print media advertising. With targeted planning, advertising businesses in print media is worth the money.

Plumbing business: Prepare advertising in print media

Before you design or even book an ad, you should clarify a few basic things. Which target group do you want to reach with the advertising in the newspaper/print media? Do you want to do print media advertising for your brand or maybe just promote a “bargain campaign”?

In addition to the questions about the target group, you should also find out more about the intended print product. A look at the media information of the issuing publisher, the so-called media data, will help you. In addition to the reach and distribution, you will also find the prices for all ad formats there and can already assess whether advertising there is worthwhile.

The cost of an ad depends of course on the medium, but also on the creation. If you hire an advertising agency, a pure text ad can be created with 1 to 2 hours of work. A graphically designed display takes far more time and is therefore much more expensive. Framework conditions such as ad size, ad formats, colours, etc. should be established before an ad is created in order to avoid wasting time and reduce costs.


Advantages of advertising in print media

Advertising in print media can be regionally limited. Every major daily newspaper has individual local sections that enable targeted spatial advertising.

A relatively homogeneous target group can be reached in specialist magazines.

Despite heavy internet use, some target groups are still better addressed through print media advertising.

On the one hand, you can choose the size of your ad yourself. On the other hand, you can also agree with the newspaper’s advertising consultant about where and in what context the advert will appear.

Print media advertising is long-lived. You can store it and “pin it to the wall” if necessary.