Are Electric Cars the Car of the Future?

From the first time that electric cars have appeared, they looked more like a way to escape from our dependence to fossil fuels and a bold move to having an environmentally friendly world. On the other hand, with battery concerns and high costs as well, these are the two major factors that are deterring people from embracing electric cars. The big question now is, are electric cars would soon replace traditional vehicles?

Fueled Cars: A Brief History

The creators of internal combustion engine know that petroleum will play a large part on the operation of the machine. It’s because 84 percent of volume of crude oil could be converted into energy by burning it. Will you be able to think of other known substances that can power you along with your 2000 or more pounds car for more than 20 miles on a gallon?

This is the exact reason why gasoline-fueled vehicles have set the standard for over a hundred years.

Looking for Alternative Sources

As time goes by, engineers keep looking for alternative ways of powering up our cars. Contemporary methods do include hydrogen-powered cars that run on hydrogen fuel cells. The thing is, creating hydrogen fuel cell will take enormous energy since it’s expanding.

The Birth of Electric Cars

Now, among other options considered, electric cars had the lead. It has best adoption method in powering vehicles to several degrees. First of all, the cost for manufacturing and buying electric cars are competitive among consumers. This is true especially with the fluctuation in gasoline price. Second, almost everyone has power outlet in their house and thus, recharging the car is fairly easy.

But like any other products, electric cars had its fare share of challenges with the most noticeable being the fact that there’s lack of familiarity as well as the resistance from leading automakers to make them.

Since 2006 however, a lot of things have changed for electric cars are being driven more often on roads of Europe and US. This helps a lot in growing its popularity. Not to mention, the rise of Tesla has significantly pushed the competitiveness of electric cars in other traditional car manufacturers.

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